Space Sirens

Did you know: The Putnam Engine: Named after the famous think-tank at the Radcliff Institute where trans-space travel was first theorized. The two key scientists, Katherine M. Benson and Raphael Bousso (B&B), merged their separate ideas about the nature of the universe into one. The engine strips all matter around it, leaving only time. Without matter to slow it down, the engine moves quickly along the timeline like a bullet train. So far, the engine can only move forward only this path. Generations of scientists have made engines that move faster forward, but something always blocks the ability to move it backwards in time.

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Space Sirens is the second anthology of the Full-Throttle Space Tales series.

Edited by Carol Hightshoe, editor of The Lorelei Signal and Sorcerous Signals, Space Sirens contains 19 seductive tales of women in space, by established and rising-star authors.

The tales woven by our sirens include tales of adventure, intrigue and vengeance:

Justice is Not Taken by the Storm by David Boop: Degna is an assassin working for the wrong people, but working for the right ones could be just as deadly.

Real Hero by W.A Hoffman: Aphrodite Love is a mega-star who is kidnapped by eco-terrorists and learns what a real hero is.
Bite the Hand by Sarah A. Hoyt: Homo Sapiens meet their match in Homo Felis.
Just Another Day by Terri Pray: Gianna hates when people judge her on her looks-now she's been assigned to guard an actor who is just as stubborn and willful as she is.
Field Work by Anna Paradox: A student's field research takes a dangerous turn when she befriends an alien no one has ever met before.
Just Another Saturday on Outpost Nine by Bobby Nash: For Erin Moonshadow, alert claxons and patching up battle trauma is all in a day's work.
Fire Mining by M.H. Bonham: Plasma storms from the dying suns aren't the only dangers a good pilot like Saraah faces on Taurii 6.
High Heeled Distraction by Alan Lickiss: Undercover work isn't always easy-particularly when it involves high heels and exotic dancing.
Slow Burn by Barbara Johnson-Haddad: People with high metabolisms need not apply to travel to Earth.
Interstellar Bitches by Selina Rosen: When an Earth lumber salesman cuts into her business, Drewcilia Qwah hires the Interstellar Bitches to deal with the problem.
Steel Scorned by Calie Voorhis: When the planet Steel turned its back on Onyx after her accident, she found strength in becoming an outcast.
Royal Duties by Rebecca Lickiss: Station Manager Pulu finds his day interrupted by a beautiful woman seeking sanctuary.
Rebel Moon by Carol Hightshoe: A intelligence agent returns to the home she thought closed to her forever.
Hijacking the Legacy by David Lee Summers: All Suki wants to do is go home, but finds that she has a home she never realized she had.
The Silver Snake by Laura K Deal: An undercover agent is sent to rescue a missing woman, but finds herself dealing with a multitude of sex-crazed insects and a love-struck teenager.
Outpost 6 by Julia Phillips: Nyssa joined a group heading out to a colony planet after her relationship ended. Now, she's a frontier doctor with a handsome sheriff looking out for her.
Ruler by David B. Riley: A spoiled Imperial Princess is sent to a rebellious planet to be the new governor.
Precious Cargo by Lindsey Duncan: Kirin's stepfather gives her a necklace that belonged to her mother, before dumping her on her aunt and leaving her. Both the necklace and the young girl carry deadly secrets.
Mistral's Revenge by Laura Kjosen: As humans move out into the galaxy, their legends travel. Perhaps there is some truth to the ancient stories of elves and sirens after all.
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