Space Sirens

Did you know: I-Links: Personal data communicators that connect via a subspace frequency that allows instantaneous digital transfer across large distances. Created by Éanna Flanagan in the mid-2020s, he developed a way to piggyback on the gravitational waves put out by black holes.

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Space Sirens is the second anthology of the Full-Throttle Space Tales series.

Edited by Carol Hightshoe, editor of The Lorelei Signal and Sorcerous Signals, Space Sirens contains 19 seductive tales of women in space, by established and rising-star authors.

The tales woven by our sirens include tales of adventure, intrigue and vengeance:

Justice is Not Taken by the Storm by David Boop: Degna is an assassin working for the wrong people, but working for the right ones could be just as deadly.

Real Hero by W.A Hoffman: Aphrodite Love is a mega-star who is kidnapped by eco-terrorists and learns what a real hero is.
Bite the Hand by Sarah A. Hoyt: Homo Sapiens meet their match in Homo Felis.
Just Another Day by Terri Pray: Gianna hates when people judge her on her looks-now she's been assigned to guard an actor who is just as stubborn and willful as she is.
Field Work by Anna Paradox: A student's field research takes a dangerous turn when she befriends an alien no one has ever met before.
Just Another Saturday on Outpost Nine by Bobby Nash: For Erin Moonshadow, alert claxons and patching up battle trauma is all in a day's work.
Fire Mining by M.H. Bonham: Plasma storms from the dying suns aren't the only dangers a good pilot like Saraah faces on Taurii 6.
High Heeled Distraction by Alan Lickiss: Undercover work isn't always easy-particularly when it involves high heels and exotic dancing.
Slow Burn by Barbara Johnson-Haddad: People with high metabolisms need not apply to travel to Earth.
Interstellar Bitches by Selina Rosen: When an Earth lumber salesman cuts into her business, Drewcilia Qwah hires the Interstellar Bitches to deal with the problem.
Steel Scorned by Calie Voorhis: When the planet Steel turned its back on Onyx after her accident, she found strength in becoming an outcast.
Royal Duties by Rebecca Lickiss: Station Manager Pulu finds his day interrupted by a beautiful woman seeking sanctuary.
Rebel Moon by Carol Hightshoe: A intelligence agent returns to the home she thought closed to her forever.
Hijacking the Legacy by David Lee Summers: All Suki wants to do is go home, but finds that she has a home she never realized she had.
The Silver Snake by Laura K Deal: An undercover agent is sent to rescue a missing woman, but finds herself dealing with a multitude of sex-crazed insects and a love-struck teenager.
Outpost 6 by Julia Phillips: Nyssa joined a group heading out to a colony planet after her relationship ended. Now, she's a frontier doctor with a handsome sheriff looking out for her.
Ruler by David B. Riley: A spoiled Imperial Princess is sent to a rebellious planet to be the new governor.
Precious Cargo by Lindsey Duncan: Kirin's stepfather gives her a necklace that belonged to her mother, before dumping her on her aunt and leaving her. Both the necklace and the young girl carry deadly secrets.
Mistral's Revenge by Laura Kjosen: As humans move out into the galaxy, their legends travel. Perhaps there is some truth to the ancient stories of elves and sirens after all.
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