Space Pirates

Did you know: ISEP: As technology improved and the galaxy shrank, it became in the UE's best interest to create a third party company to handle the rigors of space colonization. Thanks to the Putnam engine, star systems were reached in months instead of years. The ISEP became the Lewis and Clark expedition of the 22nd century. Contract explorers sign up for short or long missions depending on their skills and what planetary conditions are expected to be found. They never run the ship, but enacted plans for colony development that are already in place before the mission was launched. These contractors rarely have any idea what they are getting into, but are chosen on their resourcefulness (and availability. Sometimes, in fact, availability is more important. A full crew is needed for a launch.) each crew consists of four members: a xenobiologist, an engineers, a security specialist, and a laborer. Sometimes, for longer term, or intensive settlements, the ISEP will also include additional laborers, livestock wranglers and priests.

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Wondrous Web Worlds Vol. 8 edited by J Alan Erwine
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Stories by:
Tyree Campbell: The Quinx Solution
Marva Dasef: Final Exam
Mike Robinson: The Cyclops Conference
David Lee Summers: Through Fires and Snares
William Golynn: Poisoned Mouse
Sam Cash: Alienation
Sherry Peters: The Greatest Honor
L. Mad Hildebrandt: Emily's Arms
David Boop: The Devil You Haven't Met
Edward Cox: Siren of Rain
John Bushore: Portrait of a Weeping Soldier
Matthew Keville: Here Be Dragons
Tracie McBride: The Blue Screen of Death
Mark Allan Gunnells: Last Night
K. P. B. Stevens: The Needle of Despair poems
Theodora Fair: Mayday 45659
Troy Umphlette: Freedom
Kristine Ong Muslim: The Most Secret Rooms
Susan Sailors: Wild Irish Rose
Robert E. Porter: Morituri
Jim Hart: The Tie That Binds
David C. Kopaska-Merkel: Strangers Bloom
Karen R. Porter: The Jersey Devil's Blues
Holly Day: Bad
Cathy Buburuz: Lahnee Chee's Orange Orchard on Mars
Marcie Lynn Tentchoff: Seasonal Color
Richard H. Fay: Explorers
C. A. Gardner: Holding Faerie
Theodora Fair: Sagan's Seed
Cathy Buburuz: A Matter of Respect in the Louisiana Bayou
Marge Simon: Patriots' Day
Bruce Boston: A Man Made of Dreams
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